Happy Little Folks is a small, family run toy shop. We strive to design, make and source the highest quality, sustainable wooden toys and ethically made goods from unique artisans and makers. We hope to bring fun to children and grown ups all around the world. Thank you for shopping small with us!

natural wooden toys

with a personal touch

We offer a custom colour choice on most of our designs. You can choose the colour scheme that best fits your needs and nursery decor. Each and every toy is handcrafted and hand painted with care and love.


We believe that natural, open-ended, Montessori-inspired toys are the best toys to spark your child's curiosity, encourage their creativity and foster a love of learning.

Our toys are ethically manufactured in small batches, using sustainably sourced wood. We take great care in selecting the best quality toys from other artisans and makers around the world. Our products are safe and non toxic, we use paints that are free of harmful chemicals.

We hope that our toys will become family treasures and will be rediscovered at all different stages of childhood. Thank you for shopping small with us!

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