Wood balm

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Happy Little Folks wood balm is an all natural, organic and food safe way to care for your wooden toys and accessories.


Handmade in small batches from only 2 ingredients: 

* organic coconut oil & 100% pure organic beeswax

No harsh chemicals are added to our little tins, we sourced premium quality ingredients to create our balm.

Balm naturally cares for wood whilst protecting it from moisture, making your wooden goods last longer and look great.

Wood balm gives a soft finish, it highlights wood's texture without colouring it. 

You can use it on most of your wooden products: chopping boards, wooden spoons, wooden bowls and most of wooden homewares. 


Apply a small amount directly to the wood with a soft lint free cloth and gently work into the grain.

Allow to dry then buff if required.

For items in regular use, such as bowls and spoons repeat this process at least once a month.


Each tin contains approx 30 ml of wood balm. 

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