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Rainbow "World" stacking toy - Small


Brand Raduga Grez

World stacker consist of the following shades: herbs, water, walnut, rose, sun, honey and raspberry. 
The primary color is green, as the color of nature, freshness, hope, harmony and study.
This coloured wood stacker is great for both - toddlers, who are learning how to stack and nest objects, and older children who love to play with blocks as well.
The stacker will make a great balance toy. You can make any art-objects you wish. The rainbow can be a bridge, a tunnel for little cars, a bed, a seesaw or a doll furniture as well.

Hand-made and dyed using non-toxic water-based dyes and left unlaсquered. 

INCLUDES : 7 colored blocks different sizes
SIZE : 13 x 7,5 x 4 cm 
MATERIAL : lime wood, dyed with non-toxic watercolors, without lacquer
CE tested

Dispatched within 48h.