Wooden Beaver toy


Wooden Beaver is a rounded three-dimensional figurine, with its organic shape and colors, it is realistic and does look like a beaver, but at the same time it can teach your child to appreciate beauty and artistic craftsmanship. 

Its style and size make it compatible with the other animals in our growing woodland collection.

This handcrafted wooden beaver is a certified toy, compliant with EU safety regulations, it will be enjoyed by children and adults. It could be placed on a seasonal nature table or enjoyed as a shelf decoration.

MATERIALS: responsibly sourced beech wood, water based paint. Toy is varnished with organic linseed oil.

SIZEHeight: 4.5cm x Width: 7.5cm x Depth: 2cm *

Beaver is quite small and easily fits into a child’s hand and pocket, so it can be taken to any place a child goes and make one of those best-loved toys that keep children absorbed in endless happy play away from screens.

AGE: CE certified. Recommended for children 3+.

DELIVERY: Product will be despatched within 2 working days. We ship Worldwide.

PRODUCT CARE: Cleaning and maintaining Beaver is easy, so your child can learn how to do it on their own. They need to remember that Beaver should stay away from direct sunlight most of the time and would appreciate gentle wiping with a dry cloth or when really necessary with a wet cloth, as well as occasional polishing with linseed oil and / or beeswax polish (1-2 times per year or when too dry to the touch).

*Sizes, colours and wood grain may slightly vary to those on the photos, those toys are handcrafted and hand painted, each set is entirely unique.

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