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Love Nordic design!


I thought that in this fairly short post I will reveal a little bit more about myself an about my love for design, especially for Scandinavian design and aesthetics. 

I started my fascination with Scandinavia when I was about 19. I was born in Gdansk, a city located on a Baltic coast, so I had an easy access to Sweden, Denmark (Norway was a longer ride). A night spent on the ferry was (almost) always full of fun! I fell in love with those countries, with their culture and architecture, with nature and language and of course...with design. It was a breath of fresh air! I admired the quality of their design and their approach to sustainability. I dreamt of owning my own "stuga" somewhere by the lake...I still do! I had a chance to live in Copenhagen for several months and it was amazing - I've learnt so much and discovered so much of great design, delicious food, great movies and life loving people. 

Many years later ... I am in London: me, my partner (who I met here) and our toddler, but somewhere deep inside I am still dreaming about living in a pretty wooden house, somewhere in a remote location and preferably by a fjord :)

Have a great day!



Check out my collection of natural wooden blocks and decor pieces inspired by Scandinavia here.

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April 06, 2016 by Iga Sielenko

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